Benefits of Playing at Online Casinos

Playing casino games at a live casino is one of the best experiences one could have. The atmosphere and energy of a casino is unlike anything else. But, it does have its pitfalls and drawbacks compared to online casinos. While some major live casino companies like MGM and Harrah’s try to bring their casinos to the online world, it’s the ones who were started online that know how to make playing at an online casino sometimes better than playing live.

If you have ever been to a live casino, you surely know how much it can cost just to get there. Unless you live close to one, the gas alone or plane ticket can break the bank. If you drive, you also need to cover toll costs, pit stops and food. Eating out isn’t cheap these days and this just adds to the price of traveling to a live casino. Let’s not even mention getting 2 flat tires on your way to Atlantic City and having to pay double the price for said tires just because you broke down at 2 A.M. Trust me on that one.
There are no hidden costs to playing at an online casino. You could count the price of your computer and the internet service, but these are items you already had and are used for more than just playing online casino games. It doesn’t cost a dime to join and start playing online. This is possibly the best reason to play online rather than live.
You can also dress as you like while playing online. You need not worry about getting all dolled up and trying to impress the cocktail waitresses. You can wake up, put on a robe if you choose and sit down to start playing right away. You can prop your feet up and relax. You don’t even need to get out bed if you choose. Having a laptop and a simple wireless router can allow you to enjoy the casino games right from bed.
Just as a live casino costs you money to get there, online casinos will actually pay you to play at their casinos. Most online casinos offer new player bonuses and other perks for playing at their sites and continuing to play. Yes, a live casino may offer you comps, but these have significantly less value than the bonuses you can find online. No more free buffets that only cost a few bucks anyway. We’re talking serious cash bonuses upwards of a few thousand dollars for playing online.
Many players prefer to play online because of these benefits listed. Some who live right next to casinos still prefer online casinos simply because they are easy to access and have more value than playing at a live one.